The Nakagomi bros and i returned to Odaiba a week later, determined to see Palette Town, the start of our epic Pokemon adventure.  This time we went to Venus Fort, which looks like a dingy warehouse from the outside, but inside, it’s a shopping mall made to look like Venice.

There was even a fake sky ceiling that changed colors from dawn to dusk, etc… and there were hanging lights everywhere that sometimes simulated rain.  There was a fountain plaza, with a giant fountain that played a light show every so often, and a church plaza, with a fake chapel that was only a wall relief (you couldn’t go inside).  

Inside Venus Fort, we found a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant that was made to look like a Triad hangout?  It was 2 stories tall, but the first floor was made to look all dingy and run down, you had to go through an alleyway and up a creepy flight of stairs… I guess they wanted to make you feel like you had slipped into the back alleyways of the slums of Shanghai or something… And then on the second floor, it was a nice restaurant with a terrace view and a stern man in a suit greeted you and took you to your table.  I’m talking mafia suit.  The whole time we were eating, we kept wondering if maybe there weren’t shady Triad deals going on in the kitchen where we couldn’t see… I really am not sure what vibe they were going for.  If they wanted creepy Chinese mafia vibe, they got it down.  

Wandering around the other side of Odaiba, we walked across this huge bridge, 夢の大橋.  Literally just means Big Bridge of Dreams.  It was so wide and open and free and all I wanted to do was just run up and down the bridge, skipping and jumping, because I haven’t been in a WIDE, OPEN space in too long.  

Then I nearly tripped on some loose tiles and saw that they had marked it off with some painter’s tape and a half-assed sign.  Really Japan?  Is that how you fix things?  You can’t even muster some Duct Tape for that shit?  

We also found the Odaiba Joypolis, and Aqua City, and found a good vantage point to take pictures of Rainbow Bridge, and I found these polar bears crying from the cold.  Because that makes sense.  For polar bears.  I wanted to cry with them too.  

Oh, and Wonka Splooshberries in a store of random knick knacks.  They were quite splooshy and good.  Good loot for the day’s trip.  :>

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