On a nice day where it was actually a bit warm, I went to Tokyo Tower.  I expected to see the Japanese skyline riddled with giant power rangers mecha fighting godzilla while magical girls raced across the sky and Mt. Fuji erupted in the background, but instead I just got these buildings.  

I ate at the top floor cafe, looking down upon the puny peasants as I downed my chilly strawberry parfait.  Then I took the wrong subway line and ended up in Ginza, decided to wander, got bored of the high couture shops (not nearly as fun as the shops in Harajuku and Shibuya), and wandered back to Shibuya.  

In the evening, I opted to see Les Miserables finally.  And for 1800 yen no less.  God, movies in Japan are stupid expensive.  But it was worth it?  The movie was fantastic, I was bawling ugly tears, making the people next to be uncomfortable, and left the theater with swollen red eyes and slightly smeared makeup.  I was walking back home when a Japanese man tried to hit on me with the LAMEST pick-up line.

"Did some asshole make you cry?"  

And I was like… what just… did you really just… and I legitimately laughed aloud at him.  I couldn’t believe what he had just said to me.  He then smiled, and said.

"See, you look better smiling.  Let me buy you a drink."

I politely declined, and explained that I had just gone to see Les Mis.  He said,

"Oh… well I’ll still buy you a drink."  

But I refused again and kept walking home.  

Oh Japan… I can’t believe you tried to use such a lame pick-up line on me.

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