On a slightly warmer but STUPIDLY windy day, I went with my friends (the Nakagomi brothers) to Odaiba!  Unfortunately, we went on a day where nearly everything was closed for some unspecified reason, so we couldn’t see Palette Town or ride the ferris wheel.  Well, rather, the rainbow ferris wheel was closed since January.  Won’t be reopening until the end of March, so that’s something I’ll miss out on.  -sadface-

We did find the giant Odaiba gundam, took pictures in front of it (I’ll admit their picture is way cooler than mine), then had cream-filled gundam-yaki at the gundam cafe.  It was actually super delicious.  Who knew gundams would be so tasty?  

We wandered around for a bit, found the place where the digidestined defeated Myotismon Fuji TV Headquarters, and I bought a box of GIANT Rainbow Pocky.  Odaiba is connected to the main Japanese island by a big Rainbow Bridge, so rainbows are the theme here.  

But we couldn’t kill too much time in Odaiba with everything closed, so we also went to Ikebukuro, where this time, I took them to a different cat cafe than the one I went to with Diana.  Personally, I liked this second one more.  There was more open space and toys and just a general feeling of… come here to enjoy the cats.  The previous one was more like a cafe reading space which happened to have cats.  

Dinner was at TGI Fridays, where we got dinner AND a show because we came just as the bartenders were doing a show of juggling bottles and cups and making the most elaborate mixed drinks I’ve ever seen.  They were nice too, and the drinks were awesome.

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