Just some of the things you might see while walking around Omotesando. I don’t know who he was, why he was there, but he was super genki and jumped around a lot.  My secret hope is that he’s not officially there for anything, he’s just a man who owns a giant foam suit and goes out in public sometimes to confuse people.  

My friend Scott and I had been wandering around Omotesando and Shibuya that day to look for gifts.  In particular, gloves.  Which shouldn’t have been so hard to find given the prevalence of cold weather, but it took us several hours and only two places had any decent selection.  

There was one point, a couple of hours in, where we had gone a really really long time without seeing any gloves.  Scott suddenly jumped and popped into a store.  I called after.  "Did you find gloves???!"

He came back with slumped shoulders.  "They were socks with toes."

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